We Exist to Make MSPs More Profitable

We’ve scoured, sourced, and in some cases built the technology itself to bring new technologies to Managed Services Providers around the world.

We put all of our vendor products through our FPA (Four Pillars of Acceptance) program, to ensure that:

  1. They’re easy to deploy, manage, and support by MSPs.
  2. They create stickier relationships for the MSPs, prolonging Customer Lifetimes.
  3. They enable a distinct and defendable differentiation element for MPSs.
  4. They provide a considerable (and often unmatchable) profitability for MSPs.

Working with Leadfoot, you can be assured that all technologies have been thoroughly vetted by our Senior Engineers and Technicians who understand how technologies are sold and supported by MSPs. They work, they’re easy to understand, there’s virtually no upfront investment, and they open up market opportunities.

Come see what we have to offer – MSPs the world-over are signing up today.

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Our Values

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Our Team

Rob Turner

As a Red Hat Certified Engineer, Rob has worked with MSPs as a consultant and service provider of carrier grade technology (often powered by commercial open source software) since 2008. He has built provisioning systems that still run in carrier data centers today and is a veteran in the software defined networking space. Rob enjoys bridging the gap between talented teams of people in sales, development, and operations to bring plans together and get products to market faster.

Christian Haynes

Starting his career working for a managed services provider, Christian quickly found himself automating mundane and repetitive tasks. He is an open source enthusiast and developer focused on building interfaces to simplify the use of complex technology. His efforts have resulted in bringing multiple products to life by integrating established solutions over their APIs. Identifying the right technology for the right product is of particular interest to him as the IOT world emerges and demands a wealth of experience and interest.

Alan Fortier

Alan Fortier’s professional experience encompasses all facets of channel interface including partner recruitment, development, go-to-market strategies, training, and relations. He spent fifteen years in the channel organization at Cisco where he recruited, managed and developed partners and partner programs in the USA and globally. He served in a similar position at Trace Security, a risk management firm that provides cyber security and compliance services. Alan has been in the high tech industry since joining the Air Force, where he wrote code decrypting intercepted data for the NSA.

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