How do our solutions help different industries?

It depends!

Leadfoot Technology Group has explored a multitude of use cases for these technologies. Each industry may be a little different but the fundamentals are the same. You know your customers best. We can help bridge the gap with deploying these solutions in simple ways that provide industry specific value.

Strong Business relationships are key. You know this, it’s your business. Our business is providing you a toolkit of strong Solutions from our Suppliers to address your Customers’ needs. We have the talent to help you close deals, from Consultation by a Sales Engineer all the way to Implementation in the Customer’s Environment.


Simplify security and ensure uptime for legacy sensor networks

  • – Industrial Internet Of Things (IIOT)
  • – Improve WITSML data feed response times for Oil and Gas
  • – Secure legacy sensor networks
  • – Get alerted on network anomalies before a threat succeeds

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Own the software, don’t lease it from an ISP
  • – Unify Distributed workforces accessing common applications over existing VPNs
  • – Empower Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to utilize talent and human resources in lower cost communities
  • – Prioritize business applications over games in Small Office Home Offices (SOHOs) environments
  • – Minimize Helpdesk issues for Call Centers using VDI solutions

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Financial Industry

Time is money, stop losing it
  • – Bank tellers should never have to wait on backups to start the day
  • – ODBC connections back to centralized applications should be optimized
  • – Branch to Branch connectivity can be secured and accelerated over MPLS links
  • – Day Traders can work with assured uptime that simple dual wan routers can’t provide

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First Responders

Seconds matter
  • – Deploy software based acceleration to Police, Fire, and Rescue vehicle rugged laptops
  • – Smoke jumpers should never get throttled at the network when updating topo maps
  • – Doctors without borders already have limited connectivity, do more with it
  • – Humanitarian relief depends on quality uptime when processing high impact disasters

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Do more than just keep the lights on
  • – Fiber isn’t always available but stable connectivity is expected
  • – Simplify how multiple connections stack up and get managed
  • – Streaming video should never get in the way of business applications
  • – Yes end-to-end QOS is possible and it works

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Don’t keep the doctors waiting
  • – More bandwidth does not always improve TCP transfer times
  • – Dual WAN alone will still cause disruptions on circuit failover
  • – Drastically reduce time required to access large files
  • – Accelerate access speeds to tele-health applications

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Deliver the same volume with less cost
  • – Secure Industrial IOT networks
  • – Recover interrupted downloads or uploads with session recovery
  • – Cache and compress repetitive bytes of data
  • – Drastically reduce TTFB (time to first byte)

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Stop waiting, save time and data
  • – Reduce data consumption with mobile workforce and handheld devices
  • – Workforce management software traffic can be optimized and deduplicated
  • – Allow business related traffic, block the rest
  • – Save Satellite and LTE bandwidth

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Real Estate

Stop wasting your time on waiting
  • – Documents take time to prepare, a small modification shouldn’t
  • – When VPNs are require, it doesn’t have to be painfully slow
  • – Centralized systems should never slow down your agents trying to close a deal
  • – Lots of users mean lots of attack vectors, what traffic originated from which user

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Never lose a sale due to network issues
  • – Maintaining system up-time (Point-of-Sale)
  • – Reduce application errors related to connectivity issues
  • – Minimize risk in regulated retail environments
  • – Facilitate regulatory compliance

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Focused on the Channel

Your customers, your business

As a Value Added Distributor we don’t have the bloat of large ISP Corporations. Every member of our team has a strong technical background and/or experience with regulatory compliance in at least one relevant vertical. We have no middle-management to feed, or be fed on by. Our motivation is to serve our Customers and Channel Partners in a lean, efficient way.

Are you frustrated with your ISP suppliers? Do you get calls from Customers wanting you to fix a problem the supplier has created? Tired of hearing the answer is to for your Customer to just buy more bandwidth? Talk to us. We want you to focus on what you do best: Matching Solutions to Problems. Let us provide the Solution and Customer Support to nurture the relationships you worked so hard to build.

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