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Beyond Integration Services, we have a deep history in product development where our experience as systems integrators can help customize a solution. Here is a list of some exciting customer-driven integrations that helped make Leadfoot Technology Group, and the relationships we have with our Suppliers, possible:

2017 Q4

Containerized Replify

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2018 Q1

First to deploy Replify on Raspberri PI Zero

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2018 Q3

Launched Arbiter Portal integrating Netify API and Multapplied API

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2019 Q1

Integrated Netify FWA with Multapplied

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2019 Q3

Integrated Replify with Multapplied

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2020 Q3

Announced Multapplied Replify licensing agreement

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2021 Q1

Announced Netify Value Added Distributor agreement

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In progress

Extending containerized Replify for Kubernetes environment

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